The virus that makes your smartphone unusable will reappear


He was returning one of the viruses that could affect the operation of the phone. This is the version of "GoldThis gold has nothing.

How can I get to my phone?, with an invitation to download the app update. The virus appears in a video format, called "Martinelli" this only promises improvements, but at the time of clicking, hacks the phone and leaves it unusable, according to Independent observation

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"If you receive a message to update WhatsApp for WhatsApp Gold, do not click. It is said in the news that this virus is complex and severe," the newspaper reported.

What should I do if I receive this update?

Nothing The only way to start the virus is by clicking. Nothing will happen to your phone if you leave it "visible".

We should not copy or re-send virus because it helps to spread the virus, which at the moment has no solution.

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It is recommended that you always avoid opening an unknown file, in addition to installing an antivirus on your phone before each case.


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