The story of my uncle is free for PC, Mac and Linux for a very limited time in Humble


Humble Bundle grants a new game for a limited time, and although it can not be compared to Marvel's Spider-Man, you'll feel like a real trepamur from New York: A story about my uncle You can download it for free from today and for a limited time.

It started in May 2014 and released Coffee Stain, A story about my uncle it can be defined as a platform in the first person in which there are empty jumps and balancing the core of the proposal, which causes mobility and immense freedom of movement.

Our mission, as the name suggests, is to save our uncle. Yes, A story about my uncle It also acts as a claim, one on the sea of ​​cash, so we go through the Humble Bundle shop during the winter sale.

Requesting a copy? Usually: visit the Humble Bundle store and with our link we can create one for this opportunity – a request for a game with your 100% discount.

From there and within minutes, the e-mail associated with your account will receive email with a code so you can share it with Steam. It's as simple as it sounds.


Of course this promotion is for a limited time: from today to the Saturday, January 12th to request your free copy A story about my uncle. When you buy the code on Steam, your game will be for ever.

Promote for a limited time, which you must not release, and even less in the last minute. Let's take you for a warning.

More information A story about my uncle on a modest bundle


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