The story of Mario Petti, a sanjuanin who died on the beach of La Serena


49-year-old Mario Petta has identified an Argentinean citizen who unfortunately died on Wednesday on the La Serena coast.

According to San Juan, "El Petta", as known by his closest friends, came from San Juan, where he was very admired in the world of Paintball and Airsoft, as one of the pioneers of this discipline was Transdanubian.

Mario Petta was a marinate during his youth and he took this passion to a different level when he founded the first Paintball Club in the province and then another Airsoft.

Unfortunately, his death shook his neighbors and multiplied expressions of pain on the social networks of the death of a citizen of San Juan.

The deceased founded his family with his wife Mariela and their children Tomas, Agustin and Enzo, according to published family friends on social networks, "he gave his life to save his son."


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