Sunday , August 1 2021

The red tongue Pedro Fernandez at the Talca Festival attracted the attention of spectators TV and shows

Saturday night was the third day of the Talca independence festival, animated by Karen Doggenweiler and Cristián Sánchez.

On this occasion, Pedro Fernández was in charge of launching a dance and singing festival for the audience.

However, in addition to attracting the attention of his movements and energy with which he interpreted his classic themes, yet another detail that did not remain unnoticed.

It turned out that within a few minutes of his appearance, twitterers who saw his presentation noticed that his language was very red.

The name of the artist quickly became a trendy theme as one of the most commented themes in the bird's social network.

In addition, some joked that he ate some candy that left his tongue while others created typical memes.

Here are some reactions.

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