The Rally Mobil 2018 will end with an electric motor Motorshow in Laguna Carén


On Saturday, December 15, one of the most exciting competitions in Chile will end in 2018: Mobil Rally. In the Laguna Carén park, located on the outskirts of Santiago, the best exponents of the categories R5 and R3 will be encouraged Motorshow decide for new champions.

Pedro Heller He led it six points to his brother Alberto in R5, the same amount between the indicator R3 Samuel Israel accompanied – and cousin Vincent.

For this race, which has a special curriculum 2.6 km, there will be special and successive stages in which progress will be achieved in the elimination mode, with the best drivers competing in the last races.

The start of the day will be at 8:00, and the qualifiers will start one hour later. Semis and Finals are scheduled after 3.00.

All actions of this event can be monitored with special coverage Minute to Minute by Al Aire


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