The question asked by the boy asked Alexis, and that made a laugh


Alexis Sánchez He met with a group of children who brought gifts and He shared his experience as a soccer player. The recording was recorded in one of his Instagram stories.

Although there were some important issues, it was the one who dislocated the Chilean star.

When he told them that they could ask what they wanted, one of them said, "Why did it end with Maya?" What made a laugh.

However, the other was also associated with Arturo Vidal.

While they explained to the children they had to be studious and accountable to be a soccer playerone of the children asked him a question that brought more than a laugh.

Alexis asked him: "What do you want to be when it's big?", that the guy told him he was a soccer player.

"Baby Wonder" replied that he had to "Be good and learn, and do not smoke or drink."

"I did not drink and did not smoke", Jim told Alexis.

And this was a replica of a minor: And how is Arturo Vidal?This provoked the laughter of all the assistants, after which the Chilean responded to it: "That's a lot."


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