The player moves into tears when he passes the soulsborne without damaging it


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There is no doubt that the myths about the problems of games are similar Dark souls, Demons' souls o Bloodborne they are well known, which makes the performances, as we have seen them, usually do not cause surprise.

Happy Hob has a history with these games, and it has been suggested that all of them be transferred without harm. Crazy? Maybe, but it succeeded. The player went so far that he made 5 games without having any damage, and also congratulated him on the Dark Souls account.

In 2016, this feat had already ended without damaging it, but with the original saga Dark Souls, even against Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of the saga) I would believe.

For his current venture he named him "God is running", traveling through the game. t From the software, "Soulsborne"without harm, because it would restart it if it had been damaged or fallen into the trap." In February, he already turned to this, but he died in the demonic souls.

You can access your channel and review its progress and iconic moments, for a moment we leave you at an exciting moment of triumph, where your dog came out and took the lead as a thank you / feel.

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Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage


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