"The One Who Can Do": A Flat Response "Huaso" Isla Before Criticizing His Relationship With Gala | Social networks


Often the Spanish model Gala Caldirola shared with his supporters of social networks, fortunately, he created a family next to the Mauritius Mauricio "Huaso" Isla.

However, there are those who have criticized the lifestyle of the couple because they have shown their luxury. This was an example of a recent publication where fans appear alongside Range Rover's car.

"Love, respect, admiration, trust, desire, empathy, dream with you … and infinity of emotions more," said exchica reality in a romantic photo.

Isla responded with a bidding message. "I like how I feel, I love how I can become wicked when I talk about you, I love you, I love you, I love you, because you were more than I thought I was. I love you, "the footballer said.

Gala Caldirola | Instagram

Gala Caldirola | Instagram

However, it is in the publication the user harshly criticized the luxury of the couple and even suggested that Caldirola with him only for commercial goods. "A checkbook, millions of free trips, after retiring the next crash:" I am confused, let's take some time, "he said ironically.

Before that malicious comment, Isla did not hesitate and responded with a successful reflection. "I am satisfied with what I have, and that my wife has everything she wants. Those who can, can and do not continue the work., convicted, who attracted Spanish followers.

Gala Caldirola | Instagram

Gala Caldirola | Instagram


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