The new Facebook virus could expose unpublished photos to almost 7 million users Technology


Facebook apologized on Friday for a "virus" that could highlight unpublished photos of some 6.8 million users in a 12-day period through third-party applications.

The social network, in the latest in a series of data protection cases, said that it would be possible to access these involuntary lapses between September 13 and September 25 through the use of a Facebook application and access to external applications.

"When someone allows the app to access their photos on Facebook, we usually only give access to images that people share in their profile"explained engineer Tomer Bar in a message.

"In this case, the virus has given access to other photos, such as those published in Marketplace or Facebook Stories".

The expert said that the virus also affected photos taken by people on Facebook, but decided not to publish them.

"We are saving a copy of this photo so that the user will be available when it returns to the application to complete the publication," he explained.

The bar warned that the affected users will be contacted and can access the customer service where they can see the images they might be affected.

"We regret what happened"he apologized. "We will be launching application developer tools at the beginning of next week, which will allow them to determine which users could reach this virus. We will work with these developers to delete the photos of those affected."

Facebook faces numerous examples of its data protection practices, especially after nine months ago revealed the Cambridge Analytica scandal that led to parliamentary inquiries and calls for a boycott of the network of more than 2 billion users.


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