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The NetherRealm stamp in Mortal Kombat and Injustice: a generation of success

A few development teams have been able to work well over the last 7 years, almost exactly those living on the PS4 and Xbox One. The Arc System works s Dragon Ball FighterZ to Namco Bandai s Tekken 7 Y. Soul Calibur VI, fans of fighting games have been more than well served all this time, but if there is a study that has not stopped working well, it is NetherRealm, commanded by the famous Ed Boon. Either with the franchise that made them famous, Mortal Kombat – Whose eleventh meal is already available on the new consoles – or from Injustica, they have set a high quality scale since the arrival of the last generation, thanks to the unambiguous features present in all their games.

The keys to NetherRealm’s success are basically three: the depth and variety of individual modes, a solid multiplayer versus player, and already completely recognizable gameplay. As for the former, they made it clear that it is not possible to negotiate to provide a solo player with enough content to be able to entertain him for months without having to beat copper in the ever-competitive online ways. The solvent story mode is the first thing we find at the launch of any NetherRealm game, plus it’s something unusual in the genre that lasts about eight hours.

The three pillars of NetherRealm

The extensive study of Mortal Kombat, which has been coined for almost three decades, causes several narrative twists Mortal Kombat 11 Thanks to time travel, they gave an interesting, though sometimes twisted twist. From them, in addition to some unexpected and surprising alliances, emerged one of the best narrative sections we have seen in the fighting game, also expanded by expansion, Consequences, in which there were two heroes who were already veterans but debuted in this part as Sheeva and Fujin.

MK 11 Consequences

This is not the only case and it is in Injustice 2, imaginary DC Comics does the rest, in which we enjoy a new battle between Batman and Superman, in which he will soon become a tyrant on Earth. Almost a time coincidence with the film Batman In Superman: Dawn of Justice the comparisons are hostile and the play is in many ways better than the movie starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. It’s not exclusive to these two games, as NetherRealm did the same Injustice: the gods among us Y. Mortal Kombat X, assuming this way of storytelling is a fun way to warm up and get to know each of the characters, as there is little in the making.

But the story is just the beginning. Good for him Multiverse guilt or Towers of time Mortal Kombat reveals countless thematic challenges that we can face in different conditions with different opponents. These can range from a competitor receiving more damage, to a series of missiles traveling across the stage, hitting both opponents, to an electrified ground … We say they have almost no end because they are updated frequently – in fact almost every day – and Allow us to get consumables or, more fun, skins for characters that would otherwise change their appearance but not their abilities, except in the case of Injustica 2, although these benefits are not maintained in a very balanced web.

Injustice 2

This is another key point, and that is that the online modes of both franchises can no longer boast a good balance of characters – although grabbers may start out at a disadvantage – and more importantly, with excellent lineup capabilities. In fact, Mortal Kombat 11 not least surprised from the list of games that would be competitive in EVO 2020, which, as we know, was not carried out personally due to the health crisis due to the coronavirus. Following the decision to do so online, NetherRealm has been re-accepted because of this aforementioned solvency, although it will not come definitively due to controversial allegations of sexual harassment of the president of the organization. For the average gamer, it’s a good way to get exclusive disguises that can’t be obtained in Crypt, as it follows a seasonal system that already seems like the model adopted by most multiplayer video games.

The NetherRealm that has been playing has long polished the formula, which, with rare exceptions, it has retained in its long existence. Divide the character template clearly into three very different types, from predators – specialized predators – like Sheeva or Bane, to those most suitable for zonear – keep your distance with projectiles – like Erron Black or Batman, to other more balanced like Cassie Cage or Flash, every player has a hard time finding a character that doesn’t fit his style. Moreover, if something is characteristic of these titles, because of their great accessibility, not only do they make simple combinations of three or four hits, but also the devastating Fatal Blow – in the case of MK – or Super – in the case of Injustice – that can be done just by pressing both rear triggers. However, if you want to go even deeper and just like in any fighting game, you have to go through the training mode because it is possible to make more complex combinations or connect them with specific movements.

Injustice 2

NetherRealm has released four games in this past generation – three considering one of them is the full edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us-, but all indications are that support for Mortal Kombat 11 will still last for years, following the release of its Ultimate release and the recent arrival of new characters. This is not to say that the next installments of both franchises are not in the minds of Ed Boon and company, rather the opposite, and even better, Injustice will continue in the future as we learned a few months ago thanks to a job offer he issued the studio itself.

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