Saturday , July 24 2021

The moment when a journalist in an interview with Gabriel Borič replaces missing detainees with political prisoners

After Gabriel Boric’s election victory against Daniel Jadue at the Approve Dignity presidential championship, the winner of Convergencia Social gave an interview in which he was wrongly accused of “causing the disappearance of detainees” in a social outburst.

The incident happened in an interview conducted by TVN “Estado Nacional” journalist Matías Del Río. After what happened, Boric invited the interviewer to correct the statement and asked him if he wanted to “record again”.

“You are waiting to be president and not chancellor, you want to smooth things over when you are accused of being detainees who disappeared in this country thanks to you, I think it is a coup that you did not expect,” Matías said. Del Rio.

Borič replied: “Matías, I invite you to correct your question, because no one accused me of missing detainees, they were political prisoners, which is very different from missing detainees.”

Video via Twitter @despotricardo

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