The millionaire wants to perform the Fortnite style in a real life: the winner will take 130 thousand dollars


Life usually imitates art. The Battle Royale genre began as a dystopian Japanese novel (Battle Royale), went to films (Lying Games) and gained great popularity in video games (Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends). Finally, someone tries to translate this concept into a real life with an ambitious proposal for a great game.

Although the project is still in very early stages, the online store dedicated to the sale of luxury Hush Hush products has published an attractive offer for the work of the video game designer. It is offered to pay 1500 pounds per day (approx 1 900 USD for the Battle Royale Competition arena, which will continue on the desert island.

The event is paid by a millionaire whose identity has not yet appeared. The competition in the best style of Fortune will last 3 days and 100 participants. After every 12-hour replacement you must campsite to spend the night and rest. All that is required for this adventure will be provided by the organizer. The winner's prize is over 100,000 pounds 130,000 USD.

"Battle Royale games have become extremely popular in recent years and our client is a big fan who wants the game to become a reality in the safest possible way. If this year's championship is successful, he wants to do something a year," reads the publication that is the founder Hush Hush, Aaron Harpin. Only May 22 will know who will be the designer of the video game selected for this task.

Rules are not yet well known, but players would wear special dresses with sensors that would detect imagery with fantasy weapons that would be used in the game.


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