The French court pronounced Monsanto guilty of the poisoning of farmers


The court issued a judgment stating that a giant company knew the dangers of herbicides that it had used and did not mark them.

The French Appeal Court declared this on 11 April guilty for a huge food company Monsanto jo poisoned a farmer who suffered various neurological injuries after unintentional inhalation of vapors from a herbicide uses multinational companies.

The affected farmer called Paul Fran├žoisis a producer of cereals accused by pesticides used by the company this year 2004

In addition, in similar cases, the affected party had previously filed claims against the company, which was the case Third, he defeated Monsanto in the right.

The French court pronounced Monsanto guilty of the poisoning of farmers

French court against Monsanto

They were told in their statement in 2004 He is seriously ill when exposed to Lasso, contains a strong pesticide monochlorobenzene, a chemical that can cause serious health damage when inhaled.

Although the chemical was banned France just in the year 2007, the victim claimed that a dangerous substance had already been banned in other countries because of its dangers, such as Canada and Belgium in years In 1985 and 1993. t

Moreover, in the framework of the defense Fran├žois presented to his position during the trial, he provided this Monsanto was aware of the dangers caused by the use of chemical Lasso, which was still occupied in a discriminated way, causing serious damage and long-term hospital stay.

As expected, the company did a complaints a judgment dismissed by the Lyon Court. The total amount of money that a multinational person will have to pay to the affected party is still unknown, but the court has already ordered a pre-payment 50.000 EUR which must be paid immediately to the affected.

The French court pronounced Monsanto guilty of the poisoning of farmers

The French court heard Monsanto

Finally, the court was completely clear in its sentence, as he stressed in it that The company must better label Lasso notice about dangerous compounds the chemicals they form, in addition to emphasizing that it requires special care if used indoors.

The decision was warned 'the applicant's alleged chemical knowledge does not justify the lack of product information and its adverse effects', the French court warned.

Lastly, the companies of the company ensure that the herbicide in question does not cause cancer and therefore rejects it International Cancer Agency which in 2015 assessed the pesticide as a likely carcinogen.


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