The explosive device was confirmed at the Universidad del Pacífico in Melipilla


The authorities confirmed that the suspected explosive device was suspected who mobilized Carabineros GOPE to headquarters. t University of the Pacific in Melipilla this Thursday

The facility was found at the entrance to the university campus laboratory, located at Route 78, in Melipilla.

After two hours of operation, GOPE personnel lifted the device and transported it to a specialized truck to carry out the relevant expert reports, It was found to be a bomb and not a simulated device, confirmed Cooperative.

The facility contained cables, a metal cylinder and accumulators, although – for the time being – it is not known what type of explosive is contained.

Although an artifact had a black flag with an anarchist symbol, the fact was not required by any special group.

In an emergency, forced to evacuate about 15 administrative workers from an educational establishment.

GOPE, the specialized departments of Carabineros and the Southern Prosecutor's Office, carry out relevant expert reports.


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