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The difficult moment is Vale Roth

Valentina Roth was invited this morning to CHV "Viva la pipol" CHV. He talked about his life and the complicated moment when he lost his son, who was expecting him.

The former "Calle 7" admits that it is more mature, helping her cope with the painful process, otherwise losing the unborn child. But for Roth, it was inevitable to remember the time when he was involved in repetitive controversy and lack of control.

"I took a taxi from Monday to Monday, as I always said. I was always an exhibitionist, I went to the plot very much. I hated to send me. You are (Jean-Philippe) cachai, how was it at Calle 7. Did they I was not there either, I was not there, I threw everything on the ridge and I never listened to my old ones. So, this is "mea culpa." I never paid attention to them, "he revealed.

Rodolf Roth's daughter also acknowledged this with the events she was doing earn 10 million pesos per month. Since she was outside the family and without the support of anyone, she spent everything and did not save anything.

"No Nobody could tell me: "save half". I traveled, I used everything for eggs. Today, with Fonasa, I go to hospital for pregnancy. I mean, I did not hold anything (…). Live replacements or charge Instagram. I intended to fix them, so my son or daughter is good, "the dancer said.

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