The concept of the Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp is the ultimate adventure SUV with caravan included!


Cars and projects like this prototype will be presented in the nearby New York Hall next week at the United States Call Center. The latest prototype of the American subsidiary of Volkswagen is not an electric car but SUV, ready for adventure. It's called Concept Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp designed by Axel Earle, who is also a fan of cycling and adventure sports, in addition to the leader of the Volkswagen Design Department. They have created as much as possible the perfect SUV, which is lost in weeks in nature.

The car, which was used as a base, was known for the Volkswagen Atlas. This large SUV is built on the MQB platform and is not sold in Europe. We could say that the alternative is lower prices and more space for the Volkswagen Touareg, which is not sold on the other side of the pond. More specifically, it is based on Version SEL Premium, equipped with 3.6 VR6 engine – Yes, people, atmospheric VR6 engines are still living in the United States, with power 272 KM in this case. This engine is connected to a four-wheel drive 4Motion and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

In the United States, Volkswagen still sells VR6 atmospheric engines with a power of up to 272 BAM.

The changes begin with the SUV aesthetics, which usually focuses on the periurban environment. Drive something the beautiful Fifteen52 Traverse MX Concept tires wrapped in 265/70 R17 tires. Air Design created some accessories for the body of the SUV and made orange details on its body. H & R has been commissioned for installation A suspension raising kit that grows by almost four centimeters. Finally, there are reinforced luminaires mounted on the roof and LEDs with high power to illuminate the night.

This car would be nothing without a towed trailer, a compact but very powerful HIVE EX. A trailer where two people can comfortably sleep. It has a foldable awning, a table with two chairs, a bicycle space and a storage room for tools, food and camping equipment. There is a a cooker with a propane and a refrigerator, connected to a 12-volt battery. As if this is not enough, it has portable chemical toilet and hot water shower. With this combination of caravan and SUV, we can confirm that we have an authentic motorhome.

Volkswagen and its accessories program wanted to show how far they are able to adapt.


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