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The Chinese film about the Cultural Revolution has been removed from Berlin


One Second Zhang Yimou (Hero) exhibition was canceled for "technical reasons". This is the second work of this country that leaves the festival for better days.

Everything is happening during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), led by Mao Zedong. A prisoner who wants to see a film escapes from a labor camp and a transformation that keeps him in detention and begins a journey through the desert. In this case, she meets a girl orphan who obviously has a coveted movie in her hands.

This is a narrative scheme One second (Other), a film by Chinese director Zhang Yimou (1951), which is due to be released on Thursday, February 14, at the Berlin International Film Festival. But yesterday there was a resounding plant when the organization of the festival reported that it would not be shown. According to the Chinese official social network Weibo, the reasons for "technical problems" in postproduction,

One second, who competed for the golden bears along with ribbons With God's grace (By the Grace of God) François Ozone and Elisa and Marcela Isabel Coixet, was not the only Chinese film canceled at the European festival. Last week, Better days (Better Days) Derek Tsang will be displayed in the Generation section, but was removed for "production reasons". On the other hand, the movie Playing in the shade Play of shadows, Lou Yeja, intended to give the same path and to be canceled, but was finally released yesterday in the Panorama section next to the press conference.

Zhang Yimou is a renowned director at Berlinale. In 1987, he opened the door to an Asian film when he won the golden bear for the film Red sorghum. In other editions, it was premiered in 2002 Happy times (Happy Hours) and in 2003 Hero (Hero) The organization of the German festival announced that it will be in return One second will be exhibited very well known Hero, manufacture, set up in Imperial China.

What happened to the Chinese tapes on Berlinale caused controversy. After the retirement of Zhang Yimou movie, speculation about possible censorship began. The period of the so-called cultural revolution is particularly sensitive to the Chinese communist party, and the film presentation can lead to conflicts with the authorities.

In addition to polemics about the films of the Asian nation, Berlinale surprised the premiere of the film Mr. Jones, where Polish director Agnieszka Holland mentions the case of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones. The journalist was the first to condemn the massacre of Ukrainians, which Stalin committed between 1932 and 1933. In addition, today it will be Chilean documentary for the second time. Lemebel Joanna Reposi, who had her first show on Saturday.

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