Tesla's autonomous car is chased by a Russian robot


It was all an accident. This video is pure laughter.

Autonomous driving functions appear here to stay. But these systems far from perfection. They can kill every human and obviously every robot.

This fun event, as you would expect, happened in Las Vegas during events Show Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

According to The Daily Mail, the Russian autonomous Robot Promobot robot, walking along the tracks, was on the way to the exhibition space.

But with some errors, the machine declined and ended up in the parking lot. There, George Caldera, happy owner of the newest Tesla model; you decided to try the auto-ride function for the first time.

Everything seemed safe, because there were no people in the parking lot. So Georgie turned to the pilot and enjoyed the trip.

Until Tesla approached the Russian robot without being perceived. As expected, he ran and threw it on the floor.

The Model S Tesla obviously totally disturbed the robot. Because the damage would be almost impossible to repair.

The security camera took the entire incident. And in fact we can see that the collision was not as tough as you imagined.

But it was enough to check that the Tesla system is not yet 100% reliable.

Unless we live in the apocalypse against robots.


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