Temuco's sports struggled with Fernández Vial from the Cup of Chile


Deportes Temuco had to fight much more than expected to be eliminated on Saturday by Fernández Vial in the first phase of the Cup in Chile. "Drink", by definition, won from the penalty line after 2-2 in regular time.

The first half was delighted by the post. Fernández Vial, Carlosa Vásqueza's lead to 4 – which surprised everyone and gave priority to the local team.

After hit, Vial continued to lead the game and had more options to increase the number, but the front of the "aurinegro" field was not thin. The equipment belonging to third A did not show any difference between the existing categories.

But when he left the first part, Bryan Taiva appeared at 42? To reach the equalizer The visiting team was only pleased with the pass, but Pablo Soto Soto took a soft shot from the left flank that was easy prey for the alert keeper.

In the second phase, Temuco had much more control over the ball, and with more advanced lines he had some options that could not be determined.

For a minute 65, Matías Muñoz was expelled to Fernández Vial to attack the player from Temucu in a confused situation where the departure of one of those who were led by Hugo Vilches was also requested.

Temuco wanted to take advantage of this situation and to leave the attack, but he failed to overcome Sota he had great interventions to maintain the draw in Concepción.

In one of these attacks, the local team took advantage of the left space to create a huge counter hit another goal.

The shot that could not be well controlled by the goalkeeper Guillermo Orellana and this Franco Ortega took advantage of his achievement (80 ').

When it seemed that the victory for Vialo, Jonathan Requena was booked for Temuco after 92 minutes and expanded its commitment to identify with sanctions.

That's it the team of the first B, who became stronger and won 3-2who qualifies for the next round of Copa Chile.


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