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Teacher Iquiqueña takes advantage of liver hemorrhage: husband criticizes unsuccessful donation from Temuco | National


As an "accident" he described professor of musical art Iquiqueño, Williams Sembler PineThe situation that happened last weekend in Temuc, when it was not possible to determine the donation of several organs due to unsuccessful protocols, the authorities later explained.

Although it is not clear who or who would have a direct benefit if the shipment was completed, one of the people who could receive the liver would be Professor Iquique, Jenny Manzo Cortés, the wife of William Sembler, who was hospitalized at the Dávil Clinic in Santiago for a month.

A few days ago, they were relatives 51 year old woman They were informed that she was the first on the waiting list for liver transplantation because her condition was critical. The teacher worked until the end of March in Ljubljana Liceo Los Cóndores de Alto Hospicio, when chronic autoimmune hepatitis, diagnosed 20 years ago, began to deteriorate.

Facebook | Jenny Manzo Cortés
Facebook | Jenny Manzo Cortés

This was explained by Jenny's husband in a conversation with BioBioChile, which ensured that it will no longer be possible to repeat what is happening in the future with the partner.

Asked whether he thought of the liver he had donated Joaquín Bustos He could have been the second chance they expected with his wife, he said that it was not something that was clear, but admitted that he had set it up.

"I'm not sure that I can not guarantee you, because there are several medical-technical parameters seen by the transplant team, but convinced me that this was not possible? Maybe not … We do not know (…) The only one who could know that this is a medical team when they took this liver and see if it's compatible, "he said.

"It is a variable that affects thinking, from my personal point of view, and without it being able to ensure that there is another issue that is stronger, more serious," said the teacher, stressing that the protocols Need improve organ donation.

"No matter how happy my lady is – I hope she will come forward – if Jenny sadly has to go … What will happen in the future? There is a shortage of donors in Chile, there is no awareness of donation of organs, I did not have the conscience until this happens to me, now I am a donor, "he added.

Regarding the unsuccessful donation of Temuco, he said that "in the time in which we live, in a country like ours, unimaginable, such things happen … human lives are involved."

That's why he did it "Call to the news" citizens and authorities to promote and facilitate the donation of organs.

"It's time for our beloved country to introduce serious, effective and effective policies that do not allow such things. We need to implement policies that save lives, "he said.

He also stated that this was necessary infrastructure that allows the transfer of organs from Arika to Punta Arenas to prevent that what happened last weekend has recurred.

"Our politicians and parliamentarians made clear excuses, accusing each other, FACh very clearly told that the plane was removed," added the teacher.

The man described his wife as a woman full of life and very expensive in the city, which is a guarantee at the clinic Dávil was very well visited and is ready to receive a liver that allows her to continue to teach young people in the Tarapacá region.

Finally Sembler called the Minister of Health, Jaime Manalich, to work on preventing such things from happening in the future. "Let's end this, they are human lives," he concluded.

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