Sweets are not better than sugar


No, no matter how much you ask for yourself light you will not do the pizza that comes with it does not make fat. Although many of us have seized these products as life, The key to reducing the float is not to pay attention to these sugar substitutes. Be careful, reducing the intake of sugar is mandatory if you want to eat (every gram of sugar you drink has four calories), but sugar-free products do not work magic.

The current society is more aware of the benefits that a healthy life brings. Sport, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and the avoidance of less nutritious foods are, above all, the goals of people who want to develop healthy habits. Sugar beverages and sweets are therefore at the center of the attention of nutritionists and people who follow a diet or simply want to take care of themselves.

Products light or to be called "sugar-free" have been used as a substitute for these foods and beverages for many years, although today they cause some distrust. Although they do not contain sugar, it is important to know that, in order to obtain sweet taste for sugar, alternative sweeteners. Non-sugar sweeteners are often artificial and although they do not have calories, they do not have even nutritional value.

These sugar-free foods are intended for people who want to lose weight and diabetics. It is important that the latter group consult with your doctor before taking them because, although most of these sweeteners do not have carbohydrates and do not raise blood sugar, there are exceptions. However, a scientific magazine BMJ has just published a study commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO), which emphasizes this Alternative sweeteners do not bring significant health benefits and that it can not yet be excluded that they have no negative effects.

Researchers have warned that today It is little known about the possible effects of daily consumption of this type of product on health.. So far, results have been limited. A study carried out by European researchers is considered the most comprehensive in the present case and is intended to assist legislators.

The difference is almost nonexistent

Researchers 56 studies were used for comparison among those who did not enjoy or swallow some of the products with sweeteners, alternative sugars, and those who consumed large amounts of these foods and beverages daily. Scientists have taken into account weight, blood sugar control, oral health, the existence of cancer, kidney and heart disease, mood and behavior of participants.

In fact, scientists found this there were no major differences between those who did not take alternative sweeteners and those who enjoyed a lot. Nor was it among those who took low and high amounts.

These are the main substitutes for sugar

Some studies have shown that the consumption of sugar-free products improved the results of the body weight index and blood sugar after breakfast. But there was little evidence of this. In fact, researchers have been able to prove that those who eat small quantities of food and beverages with alternative sweeteners, they had a small weight gain: 0.09 kg less. I mean, practically nothing.

Reduce or replace

In children it was similar: those who ate sugar-free foods had lower body weight than children who ate sugar. Scientists have argued that Among those who were overweight and fat and who wanted to lose weight, sugar-free products showed no benefit to them. Although sugar substitutes usually do not have calories, they also lose weight. Therefore, weight loss is still needed to change the habits of general nutrition and physical activity. The latter, of course, has all the guarantees for reducing the weight of people.

Experts emphasized that there is still a lot of information about the consumption of this type of sugars in the long run. Other studies need to clarify whether the substitutes for sugar are completely harmless or, as we assume, our body does not work much favor. So far, the best way to reduce the consumption of sugar is not replacing it, but simply do not take this product. Also, other natural substitutes for sugar from the table are not a solution, as in the case of honey, in a huge percentage of sugars.

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