Super Smash Bros Melee player is forbidden Twitch for too much drinking


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A platform that allows a live route Jump In recent years, it is certainly a favorite city of moves, although as each community is subject to different rules and norms of the community.

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Yesterday, Joseph "Mango" Marquez, an important player and a stuntman Super Smash Bros. in his account Twitter the message he received Jump at the moment when you were forbidden to drink too much between a live foam.

The situation that led to Twitch accepting this decision was when "Mango" drank more than an account in his current on Sunday, where I am almost in a state of complete stupidity, so to speak. The received message is as follows: "Based on review of your activity or content, we have issued a suspension of your account in accordance with Community Guidelines" and the reason he wrote the following: "Dangerous use of drugs or alcohol".

Watch a video about what happened.

Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage


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