Strange "dark liquid": a new theory that explains what is made up of 95% of the universe


Today, we know only what is 5% of the universe: the remaining 95% consists of two invisible and unknown materials: dark energy and dark matter.

We know a little about them, based on their effects on weight.

personWe only know what is 5% of our universe.

Scientists do not know what these substances are, but theirs theoretical models They give a hint about how they work.

The dark matter creates the weight it holds united galaxy; Dark energy, on the other hand, has a reflective force that makes space spread.

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Dark matter and dark energy have so far been seen as a phenomenon separateBut a new study at the Oxford University shows that both are actually part of the same concept, just as strange and mysterious.

Astrophysicist Jamie Farnes, the author of the study, states that both substances comprise a "dark liquid" of negative gravity.

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And, in theory, this fluid would contain 95% of the universe.

The world is on its head

Imagine that the object being pushed, instead of moving away from you, is approaching. This would be the force of gravity, but vice versa.

These objects, strange, as it may seem, are not a new concept and are hypothetically possible. They are called objects negative mass or F, as the "dark liquid" proposed by Farnes.

In this way, astrophysics suggests a model that attempts to explain how forces are attraction and repulsion constitute a strange substance that keeps the universe together, but in constant expansion.

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"The result is beautiful," writes Farnes in Oxford's statement. "Dark energy and dark matter can be combined into one substance, and both effects can be explained simply as a matter of a positive mass that floats in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčnegative masses."

spaceThe forces of attraction and repulsion coexist in space.

It is like a permanent flirt between two forces, one positive and one negative, which generate cosmic halo which keeps everything in place.

"The weight of a positive fat galaxy is attracted negative mass from all directions and when the negative mass of the liquid approaches the galaxy, there is a stronger reflective force in the galaxy, "explains Farnes.

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In this way, the galaxy can rotate without high speed flying in pieces.

spaceFar from discovering the great secrets of the universe.

"So it seems to be simple znak minus He can solve one of the oldest problems in physics, "says Farnes.

In any case, despite the fact that the elegant and intuitive Farnes theory seems first, it is recognized that there is still a long way to discover puzzles space.

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"It's clear that this new theory creates many new issues," writes Farnes on the portal Talk. "The search to understand the true nature of this wonderful, unified and possibly polarized universe is only beginning."


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