Steve Jobs never had cancer: he had HIV; Wikileaks | News from Mexico and the world


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MEXICO CITY – Following the assassination of Julian Assange by the United Kingdom authorities, Wikileaks has declassified new documents, especially the one that relates to Apple's founder Steve Jobs.

In a spectacular movement, Wikileaks has presented thousands of documents, including one reveals the "real cause" of Steve Jobs's death in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer.

But the new revelations discard this story.

According to data released by Wikileaks, Steve Jobs never had cancer, but he suffered for HIV.

In the document, Steve Jobs allegedly accepted that his medical documentation could contain information on HIV diagnosis.

The medical part is on behalf of Dr. William F. Owen ml. and I'd have a signature with Steve Jobs.

The other document is a "confidential" certificate that shows this Steve Jobs, was diagnosed positively on the HIV test on September 1, 2004.

In this league, you can view documents that Wikileaks has reversed.


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