Star Wars Dishes: Fallen Order will not have more players or micro-payments


The Celebration of Stellar Wars It dealt with the introduction of the title and first trailer of the Vojno series among the stars IX. Star Wars Dishes fallen in line, a new game Respawn Entertainment for Electronic Arts. In the absence of just a few hours to see the game, his study confirmed that this would be an adventure without multiplayer and no micro-payment.

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During the live performance of the first day of Star Wars, the President. T Respawn and the director of the game, Vince Zampella, talked about it Star Wars Dishes fallen in line to ensure that this is a pure adventure for one player, without elements for multiple players or micro-payments: "[Jedi Fallen Order] this is a story for a player … more players, neither micro-payment. It's a game of stories"

The first trailer of the Star Wars Episode IX Rise of Skywalker, coming this year

These comments have been ratified by Blair Brown, the manufacturer Respawn, which he repeated Twitter that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will be a completely single adventure: "I'm glad to work again in a game that focuses on a story for one player, not for multiple players, nor for microcracks Eat abandoned order"

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Therefore, and in a somewhat surprising move (for good) in modern AAA Electronic ArtsThis is very clear Star Wars Dishes fallen in line there will be an adventure that will be completely focused on the "singleplayer" that will not have any elements more players or with micro-payment they interfere with the experience. We'll have to see what makes us surprised Respawn This afternoon, when your new adventure is finally presented, by the time we leave you with the Titanfalla 2 analysis.


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