Spotify charges Apple with accusing them of not playing fairly.


Spotify Today it has become one of the favorite user services, which has enabled them to be present on many phones. But not everything is always pink, and in this case the company always had a big barrier from now on trying to draw a final drawing.

Who? Believe it or not, it is Apple. They acknowledge that Cupertino has a fairly categorical rule about third party subscription services, and that is where Spotify accuses that the rules are not for all.

The main complaints of the company streaming they leave a very high tax that they have to pay for using the payment system in the application from Apple (one that reaches 30%). The big issue is that for other services like Uber, for example, there is no need to pay. Oh, and Apple Music does not pay even, which causes even more disruptions in this area.

On the other hand, Spotify also claims it Apple does not allow its users to switch to the premium version simply, since the manufacturer does not allow the direct use of a quick ordering option inside. t app, if it does not force the user to do so through a browser or from a computer. Even in Apple's own services, these problems do not suffer.

Perhaps the problem that affects Spotify users daily is the amount restrictions imposed by Apple You can use it on other devices or other services. The most classic example is this Siri He still does not allow us to ask for a song in any service other than ours.

Hey, Apple, already in 2019 we are. It's time to start listening to what your allies and, above all, your users ask. If you are interested in more information about this campaign, you can directly visit the site that you have prepared.


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