Sports Vallenar and Trasandino surprised the debut


The image of the third region was abolished by Deportes CopiapĆ³, while Andi did the same with San Luis de Quillot.

On Saturday, the Chilean MTS Cup started in which the teams from the third, second, first and first A. participated. In the first competition, they face the excitement of smaller division of national football.

And exactly two sets corresponding to the third and fourth categories, such as Deportes Vallenar and Trasandino de Los Andes, gave the day after leaving the road to Deportes CopiapĆ³ or San Luis de Quillot.

Under the Atacama club, Albiverdes won 2-1 thanks to Fidel Cord's pair (58 ', 72' '). Eduardo Pucheta relaxed for copiaps that ended with two exiles.

In the meantime, the Andean team won a 4-1 victory after the equalizer without a goal and left Quillotanos on the road.

On the other hand, the Ubublense beat Iberia 2-1 in Los Angeles and advanced to the circuit.

Photo: Patricio Villarroel / Radio Cooperativa.


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