Sony will produce its Nintendo Direct versions


Last November Sony has announced that the current edition of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will not be held live, which is the end of a tradition that lasted more than two decades, from the start of the first PlayStation.

In its statement, the company made it clear that "We are exploring new ways to attract our community 2019 ", so it was expected a new case in which the Japanese would disseminate information from the console.

This day came when Sony announced thatCondition", examples in which they will be informed of all their novelties." This dynamics is similar to the dynamics of Nintendo and his "Direct"that reveal their ads through YouTube and their social networks.

This design is very suitable for businesses because They do not have to wait for special occasions like E3 and they do not need to invest large amounts of money in a big scenario, and only relevant videos have been presented.

This new way of spreading content can be the future of the entire video game industry, which jeopardize the implementation of conventions such as E3, Tokyo Game, in the absence of companies that are willing to organize conferences.

The first version of the situation this will be Monday, March 25th, where it is speculated that we will have news of the expected Death Stranding, a new gem of playing, directed by Hideo Kojima.


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