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Shadows offers free courses for making video games, creating business and digital marketing


The National Training and Employment Service, Shadow, which opened the text on Thursday, so that people over 18 years of age can make free courses this year and expand their knowledge, digital skills and entrepreneurship.

Through this public-private partnership between the Senses and Claro, this year will be available courses without restrictions of participants in the fields. t Information technology and entrepreneurship, which have a different duration of 18 to 80 hours, depending on the election.

"In the circumstances in which jobs change, we want to help people not to fear the future, and to prepare for what is coming," said Labor and Social Welfare Minister Nicolás Monckeberg.

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Course texts are available online Sence.cl.

Details of the courses that will be available in two areas:

The field of information technology

Video game developerWithin the course you will learn about topics related to the video game industry, the process of creating games, the production methodology, the basics of Javascript, audio and music, startup management, and generating video cards, among others.

Basic computing: Within the course, you will learn the main hardware and software components of your computer so that the user can take advantage of their functions to perform their tasks effectively and safely.

Business intelligence analyst: in this course, you will learn how to design, design, use cases, methodologies and technologies that include analysis of business intelligence projects, improve administration and automation of decision-making, and thus improve the business of companies.

Developer of projects in the cloud: Cloud applications are those that provide users with their functionality from the browser. You will be able to create an understandable and easy-to-use interface. In this training you will acquire the basic tools that will allow you to develop applications for their use in the cloud using the most modern tools.


Design and evaluation of projects: In this training, you will learn the essential elements for designing a project that aims to deliver to SMEs; In addition, you will learn to use analytical methods for quantitative and qualitative evaluation if a business idea is feasible.

Evaluation of business ideas: In this training, you will get to know the extent of your ideas, identify the resources and effort needed to carry out your project, have a true picture of the opportunity, and compare the various options for identifying the best ideas about entrepreneurship.

Ideas for the growth of your company: This course shows the use of tools and the development of the necessary skills, so that everyone who is interested in increasing the scope of their business can achieve this.

Digital Marketing: is a tool that helps the user to transfer his sales skills to digital media in conjunction with his creativity to promote the company or brand in the network, effectively reach potential customers, transform users into consumers, provide sales and personal experience, as well as good services for customers.

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