Scientists are exploring the key to monogamy in evolutionary history


In general, the monogamy is explained as a social and cultural practice, but does the partner have any biological care? This is what scientists say.

Is the monogamy some natural? Scientists, philosophers, sociologists and a long list of experts have demanded this for years. Despite the different views, many believe that monogamy is a type of evolution, especially among mammals.

Why do not we have any prejudices or moral attitudes, why would we have a single breeding couple, for example, if males could produce offspring and expand their genetic material with many women? Why do some animals create ties with only one partner? A famous example is the Prairie Mouse (Microtus ochrogaster) who stay with their partner all their lives.

Scientists are exploring monogamy in evolutionary species 1

The prion mice have permanent links with their partners. (Photo: Pinterest)

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How did they defend monogamy from science?

In order to clarify this, there were two hypotheses: the first "advantage" is that the couple provides better health for the offspring for the care of both. Others, advocated by researchers from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom who published their study a few years ago in a magazine Science, says that a monogamous couple provides protection for females.

New study!

Recently, another interesting study appeared, which included a genetic study of the period … 450 million years! And with this they claim that they have discovered something surprising.

What does it say?

Obviously they found a universal "tip" for loyal species.

The document was published in the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), which presents a monogamy as a fact that in at least one mating period a connection with a single partner is established, with which the work of educating and defending children is shared.

Important information: researchers were still dealing with animals that occasionally mated with other monogamous species.

Scientists are exploring monogamy in evolutionary species 2

The analyzed species developed into a monogamous model. (Photo: ABC)

What were they analyzing?

In these premises, scientists studied five pairs of vertebrates: four mammals, two birds, two frogs and two fish, each with a monogamous and non-monogamous member,

They could get an animal, but when they did, they had a complete pattern, representing five cases in which the evolution of vertebrate monogamy arose independently.

Rebecca Young, a research assistant at the Department of Integrative Biology in Austin and the first author of the study, explained:

Our study covers 450 million years of evolution, which is the time when all of these species had a common ancestor.

Never before has a period of such a long evolution occurred, but scientists have expressed the desire to be daring and risking.

What they discovered …

The researchers compared brain expression in the men's brain of 10 species to see what changes occurred in each of the evolutionary steps. Despite the complexity of monogamous behavior, they have found that the same changes in gene expression always occur. This means that they found 24 genes with similar patterns of expression in men.

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In other words, the same genes were activated or deactivated in 10 species compared to non-monogamous species. Among genes with higher activity in monogamous species, some were involved in the development of neurons, learning and memory.

Good data: Scientists believe that genes that allow the brain to remember more and make them adaptable can help the animals recognize their partners and enjoy their presence. Aw.

It is therefore assumed that social behavior, such as loyalty, can be associated with the way in which the genes act in anger.

And people? We do not know yet if we choose loyalty because of the presence of such a genetic signature, which in our case is more complicated because it interferes with social and cultural norms. How are we going to be real?

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