SanDisk has sent them with the largest known USB memory: 4TB of memory


At CES 2019, SanDisk introduced its largest pocket flash memory on the market today. The record was 2TB.

SanDisk introduced a prototype that aims to create a history. USB holder no more and no less than 4TB, the largest of this type.

According to the website The Verge from CES 2019, "it has an integrated USB-C cable that puts it more on a" very small SSD "side than a" very large flash drive. "But the nomenclature in addition, there's still an extremely small 4TB drive so you can stay in your pocket and that's great!"

SanDisk 4TB

SanDisk also took advantage of the presentation of the 1TB USB Type C prototype. This model is specifically designed for mobile phones, as mentioned in the same statement.

"Smartphones, unmanned aircraft, action cameras and virtual reality lenses (VR) collect and create rich content that users want to access and share with friends and followers." Innovations in multi-lens cameras, 8K video Wireless, VR, extended reality (AR) and streaming videos provide a more in-depth experience, so consumers are looking for easier ways to capture, maintain, access and share their personal content as it becomes richer and stronger. ".


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