Samsung will introduce the S10 and its foldable phone in February


The Barcelona Mobile World Congress has been selected for years to present the new Galaxy equipment, but this tradition has been shattered by the anticipated Galaxy S10.

According to reports that the company's folding phone will be launched in the first half of this year, Wall Street Journal notes that both Infinity Display and the Galaxy S10 On February 20, at the events in San Francisco and London.

In this scenario, it would be a little more than a month to solve all the issues related to these devices.

In the case of a foldable phone, the main rumors indicate that this equipment would be called Galaxy F, and most of the doubts are focused on how your design looks.

On the Galaxy S10, the alleged filtering already anticipated what its look would look like, and the main rumors ran around its price, which in some locations would have exceeded thousands of dollars, and other features as it is known. hole, number of cameras and compatibility with 5-G.

The truth is that the announcement of these devices will be an important event for Samsung, since the company did not present major upgrades of the main line of phones since the S8 in 2017.

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