"Rueda gives her face"


After the defeat of the Red with 3-1 against Mexico, the darts were quickly shown by coach Reinaldo Ruede. It was not! While criticism focused on the approach used, national trainers prepared their conclusions: Colombians can not omit players who shine in their teams.

"I think the team is a university and there are guys who are new to the elementary one," said Jorge Garcés, who was the national coach of 2001. He therefore knows when there is a lack. "I do not know what kind of pressure Rueda has, I do not think it's so wrong, I do not understand," he added.

And the "Peinete" argument is clear. "Some of them are not holders in their teams, they are not numbers, they travel through several clubs and still do not distinguish differences. Like many others, DT in the national team, I'm not just talking about this last list," said Talquino.
In addition, Garcés demands that the Colombians explain why it works in the formation of the team. "Now she has to face the fact that she has to give the chest a bullet because I have the impression that these nominations do not come from him, because if they were his, then he would make mistakes," he said.

What is the solution? "There must be those in better conditions, Vargas, Díaz, Beausejour, Alexis, among other things. National team is not a football team, it can not be achieved and experienced. Rueda will have to wear the usual, because if we go with those who they are now, they will surrender, "he said.

Oh, Mom. But if the dashboard "Peinette" was not enough, it was also given to him the other old glory of our football, and not the advice of coach Cali for his performance at the head of Red. An example? Hernán Godoy, who, having stripped off his true slogan from his classic slate and scanned image, criticized his command voice and "stubborn" style.

"The problem is that he has lost his wardrobe; it is good that he was sentenced (Eduard) to Vargas, if he took some bucks, but now he has to include it. Same as Claudio Bravo and Marcelo Diaz, they will have to give him a hand to rotate for the good of the team, "she shot straight and front" Clavita ".

And if Gonzalo Jara was busy marking when the coach forced him to save his game with the Aztecs, there were no unnoticed positions of the former Chonduran diver, as his "footage drowned" did not change the impact.
"So far, Rueda seems to me to be serious, but he still does not give a clear answer why he does not choose Marcelo Diaz because he has changed the attacker for Mexico to Mexico. There are things in which I see him tricky and confused." He is not happy, "said Leonardo "Pollo" Véliz.

So, when he stays less than three months before the start of Copa America, Reinaldo lives the worst days at the helm of Chile and hopes to improve his image in the next friendly match with the United States. Last pressing before Brazil? You may be playing with Haiti in June before you leave.


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