Road tragedy takes the Los Ríos region


A serious traffic accident on the route between Valdivio and Mafil in the Los Ríos region was recorded on Wednesday afternoon.

According to preliminary information, the accident included a truck with a trailer, a van with dialysis patients and a smaller vehicle.

According to the mayor César Asenjo, At least nine people died and 12 others were wounded.

The traffic was stopped near the city of Puente Iñaque, while the Intendance and Onemi staff arrived in the sector.

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Zenith vision of an unhappy accident. (Photo: Eliseo Casanova)

A representative of the company, which owns a truck called Nancy Landeros, has arrived in the city, which ensured that the accident is not the responsibility of the driver.

"It was reckless that he went with his car and our driver had to wrap up to be able to save himself and save other vehicles that go above."And unfortunately, from what we understood, the car that was behind could not stop and go towards our truck and all of them are damaged, "said the woman.

Landeros expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of this disaster and stressed that they have "the only mental peace" that is not the responsibility of their worker.

"Unfortunately, this was an irresponsible person, and this person must now respond to this situation and we offer our condolences to the family" he stressed.


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