Sunday , August 1 2021

Resist ignored: America 0-3 León

LOS ANGELES – The night of discarding. Night is overlooked. The night of the despised. Your enemies are my enemies. Signatures of the exiles of J. J. Macías and Ángel Mene. America 0-3 Leon.

When Estadio Azteca and the client of opportunism waited on the night of the rise of the strengthening of America, the very dear Nicetas Benedetti and Nice Castilla, the owners stole two players who were underestimated in Chivas and Cruz Azul.

These were not just them. Although this was his indelible signature on the endless network of Americanism, the rest of the camp was flooded. The green band encircled Azteko.

León was clearly a better team of Coapa. EFE

Leon has taken over America, in every corner of the court, and on a coaching board, although El Nido's technical staff can and wants to speculate that the scandalous result does not fully reflect the smoke signals of the competition.

America lost the innocence of 23 games that were not defeated and dominated the Estadio Azteca. On the night of this Saturday, Lyon was not as colorful as he was worse.

It has undoubtedly increased due to the transcendence of the competitor, and the actors of the lions have chosen Azteca media para-info to get it. Because they are desirable to do this on the tournament.

J. J. Macias and Angel Mena sent their revenge cheers to direct fans of Chivas and Cruz Azul, who wasted them without giving them a genuine, honest and faithful right to reply.

Macías wanted to send him to Zacatepec, a team in the promotion of sports director Chivas. The player did not want to show in León what he was from. This needs to be clarified by Ricardo Peláez as an overseer of # ElPelagatos2.0.

To the right: Macias did not have a good atmosphere in the locker room of the meat. Of course, he did not drink, did not stay late, did not go to the special massage parlor, did not leave the victim, he also crashed, and he was scolding parranderose.

In addition, Macias is studying languages, masters of English, has a physical trainer, nutritionist and coaching, all paid from his pocket. They called him in Chivas: "El Hugo Sánchez".

It's understandable what Chivas … Why should we allow such a healthy apple to infect their rotten apples? Especially for the main offenders: La Chofis López and El Avenger Pulido.

Angel Macías? Pedro Caixinha let him go from the beginning. "He did not like what he saw," explained the celestial actor at the time.

The Portuguese were thrown from La Noria. Mena already prescribed Caixinho at a traffic light and now a team that did not want to be reinforced: América.

Eagles? They had a laudable and generous dignity: they faced a battle without modesty and recklessness. But Leon was better, he killed them in vertical answers, and they can do two more for Marchesin.

When the two Nicolasses were on the court, the Aztec tribune impressed them as if they were a savior. That did not happen. Leon has cast off his temper, rage, and faith that allowed them to win almost every ball.

And Rodolf Coto needs to be added on the stage of heroes. Thoroughly after instinct, with reflexes or with this casual happiness, competitors with the solidarity of their advocates have interrupted many attempts to get scoring.

Arbitration? It seems that he swallowed a penalty for each team. His work was unusual for both sides.

And of course, a generous picture: this fear, pressed, mixed face Nacho Ambriz, after 0-3. He had the face of the one who intends to be able to respectfully contain ridiculous, vengeful, vindictive, long-lasting, long-held … because it was America.

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