Sunday , August 1 2021

Resident Evil 2: an incredible tyranny detail that you have not noticed – the MeriStation console

The admirer shows the extent to which Capcom has taken care of the graphic completion of this remake because of the hidden icon.


Every player knows what to do with Tyrant Resident Evil 2 It's a real nightmare. Understood in the best sense and acknowledge the enormous effort made by Capcom to achieve a dark and oppressive atmosphere for this remake. Such was the favor of the Japanese developer, especially in graphic terms, that the amateur was able to detect the detail of Tyrant, it certainly went unnoticed many players.

As madd_ppup enthusiast explains Reddit, in a small device that the character has inserted into his left temple, we can see a small emblem that will certainly be easily recognized by all fans: the logo of Umbrella Corporation.

It's a small icon that's very difficult to see during a normal game and it was discovered by YouTube Boundary Breakwho posted an interesting video in which he is shown everything happens in Resident Evil 2 and the player does not see it.

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