Redbanc confirms that in December he experienced a cyber attack on the Economy


Redbanc is this Wednesday morning in December They detected a computer threat, so they quickly activated the established protocols.

Through the statement, they ensured that they were able to isolate the problem and prevent it from affecting its safety and operation.

"This event did not affect our businessso that our services will function normally, "the document said.

This was also claimed timely inform the actors and industry authorities.

As a conclusion, they stated that all companies are exposed to such attacks and should be prepared to face them.

"We work with Redbanc with high security standards and continuity of operation in order to provide quality services and support that respond to our commitment in order to facilitate the development of the financial industry," they concluded.

Hack for the bank

In 2018, a series of computer attacks on financial institutions was recorded, which caused theft of money and the disappearance of bank documents.

For example, the Chilean bank suffered a loss of $ 10 million, originating from an electronic message opened with a computer at a branch in Valdivia.

In May, the Shadow Brokers group published information on more than 14,000 national credit cards.

A few months later, in July, the same group published data from more than 50,000 banking clients in Latin America.

These facts point to, inter alia, national cyber security.


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