Thursday , August 5 2021

Red is viewed from afar

Copa América 2016 could be the last of the three main references to the Chilean national team: Eduard Vargas, Marcela Díaza and Claudia Bravo. They were all in the historic finals against Argentina, who played in the MetLife Stadium. But almost three years later, the possibility of returning to the oldest tournament in the world is far, heavy.

The scenario has suddenly changed. Today, none of these three stationary golden generations is concerned with Reinaldo Rueda, a Red technician. Own errors, injuries or simple soccer reasons. The fact is that the Colombians have their reasons without those who were the main pillars this year this year.

The example of Turboman, one of the best shooters in the history of the national team, goes beyond football. For the first time, the coach admitted that he did not call Tigers indiscipline. This was disclosed in an interview with Third published yesterday.

"This is my decision which influenced his behavior in Sweden. And then I gave the opportunity to others in this situation (…) Did he get drunk? No, immediately. But we want him to behave in a red day every day In all orders, in a dining room, on a bus, on excursions, in a way of presentation, in all "trusted the coffee maker.

On this occasion, Vargas played only a few minutes in a friendly match with the Swedes and then against Denmark because his behavior was not appropriate, as the coach confirmed. Poor presentation letter, since this was the first tour of the new DT, for which coexistence is essential.

As far as Carepato is concerned, the Racing de Avellaneda tied player, despite having stood out in Argentina, was not counted on any pay list for the new process. "I understand that they took me out of the state team", Diaz said in the Clarín newspaper in Argentina, referring to a possible veto from the wardrobe, due to his alleged closeness to reporters.

Although Rueda proclaims himself as a fan of the Bond, he has ensured that he is looking for other options today. He also said that he was surprised by the praise the player receives from the media.

Despite the rejection of the existence of veto by players and, in the absence of this, he also noted that if Diaz's presence is causing problems, he is deemed not to call him to protect the health and harmony of the group.

The return of the Diaz is complicated, as this position is well covered for Ruedo, as it believes that it has alternatives and projections. "None of those who praise it do not work for the future of Chile, and I.", closed.

In the Bravo case, the competitor excavated his grave by automating his first tour across Europe, defending his personal problems and the former president of the ANFP, Artur Salah. Since then he was no longer called, and even less after being seriously injured.

For Ruedo, Gabriel Arias will be the red bearer of Copa America if everything goes along with his usual course after the former captain recovered. And although he does not close all the doors to any player, the coach's signals are clear: Vargas, Diaz and Bravo have already played their last Copa América and will not be in Brazil 2019.

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