Quitting smoking as a steam is more effective than individually


People who stop smoking reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by half, but abandoning tobacco in a single person can cause people to feel excluded and soon abandon their purpose.

If they try as a couple, they will be six times more likely to succeed after the results of the study presented at the scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Magda Lampridou, researcher at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, said that half of the coronary patients smoked and that 90% of people at high risk of cardiovascular disease were smokers, so ESC discourages smoking. in any way

Evaluate the supporting role that married or cohabiting couples can have stop smokingAn analysis was carried out involving 222 smokers with a high risk of cardiovascular disease or who have undergone a heart attack.

Initially they were asked about the current state of smoking, its history in this habit and previous attempts stop smoking.

He explained that the status of a smoker was confirmed by a carbon monoxide respiration test and for 16 weeks participants attended one of four preventive cardiac programs.

Couples offered alternative nicotine therapy with patches and chewing gum, and in one of the programs participants could opt for a prescription drug called varenikline.

When the study was completed, it was found that 64% of patients and 75% of partners abstained, compared to none and 55% initially.

Probabilities for stop smoking At 16 weeks, the couple who tried to do it were significantly higher (5.8 times) stop smoking together, compared to those who tried it by themselves.

"Previous research has shown that ex-smokers can also have positive effects on their spouses' experiments stop smoking, but in this study the effect was not statistically significant, "said Lampridou.

Although there is a great risk that people who do not smoke accept the habit of their partner, he added.


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