Pornhub, Google's Search Year and eSports


It was already, but finally Morsa came to the controversial bike # Unocero360, and in order to fight, Matuk, Pontoon and Erick had to make their best arsenal, so the conversation became very interesting.

#TopUnocero: The best high-end phones in 2018

In addition, the themes had a lot of potential. Morsa tackled the throne issue of eSports and proposals for achieving the Olympic Games; and because we were "sporty", Pontón chose Formula E and his admirable ideas ULTRA GEEK to continue to conquer the public.

Matuk and Erick continued with the "money cuts" of technological titans and the behavior of the digital audience with Trends and Search Reports Pornhub in Google's year in search, respectively. Imagine that we played good at all times. Let's leave them with Morso and # Unocero360.


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