Pokémon GO: How to activate the battles of two players


This Thursday, a famous game Pokémon Go He used one of his most anticipated updates to all his users: now trainers can battle the battles between them.

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So far, Pokémon Go players have had only battles when they competed in gymnasiums, but this new feature was called Player vs. Player (or PVP) that can be used from today, came to change everything.

"On the one hand, we wanted the system to be simple and yes There is no problem for any trainer (…) However, we wanted to create a unique and competitive experience that would train coaches passionate in battle means to create complex strategies"He explained Pokémon Go team in your own official blog

How to use this new feature:

For starters, you must use the combat code and create a team of three Pokémons instead of class 6. After that you are ready to fight.

The first one to beat 3 Pokémon's opponents wins. Drinks and revival can not be used in the middle of a battle and in the event that Pokémon is defeated, KO will not affect you outside the battle.

Although it will be necessary to be close to the trainer in order to start the fight, the trainers with an ultra friendship and with an unparalleled friendship, 3 and 4 hearts, you can go anywhere.

And in the event that you have no one to fight or a very developed friendship, the game will also have the ability to challenge team leaders Spark, Candela and Blanche, three characters that will be available to test your skills and help you to practice new battles.

It should be noted that it will be for battle, three "Super League", where you can use Pokémon to 1,500 personal computers; at "Ultra League", where pokemon can not be exceeded 2,500 personal computers, and finally "Master League", where there are no restrictions on the Pokémon wrestling points you are using.


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