Saturday , February 27 2021

Plantel Colo Colo 2021 LIVE | Learn about Cacique’s losses and potential reinforcements in the transfer market

Last Thursday, February 18, Albos fans saw how idols, references and more players have officially left Colo Colo, according to the B&N plan restructure the campus and rejuvenate it, after the lowest season in the history of the club.

The importance of references such as Matías Fernández and Julio Barroso was not important at all, nor was the idolatry of Esteban Paredes ’minutes. At the end of the contract, Macul left 10 players which will mean more changes in the list of collocolins.

Esteban Paredes, Julio Barroso, Matías Fernández, Jorge Valdivia, Pablo Mouche, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Miguel Pinto, Darío Melo, Branco Provoste in Carlos Carmona they ended their stage in Cacique, which meant a significant reduction in their age. These 10 players withdrew from the monumental 33.3 years on average, considering that Provoste is the only young player in his twenties.

And while various reinforcements are heard to replace the many casualties, Colo Colo was left with a younger and more limited lineup, although the future of other players who would find a way out among them is not yet known. Nicolas Blandi, Iván Morales, Brayan Véjar and Ronald De La Fuente.

As for the inclusions, the last Monday, February 22nd The black and whites had a football commission meeting where the first two albos signatures were approved, Juan Carlos Gaete and Felipe FritzMeanwhile, negotiations are continuing with several other footballers. Erick Wiemberg,, Octavio Rivero,, Martin Rodriguez Y. Jens Buss are some of the names that could arrive in Macul in the coming days.

Check all movements in the Colo Colo transfer market:

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Juan Carlos Gaete Esteban Paredes Octavio Rivero
Felipe Fritz Matías Fernández Martin Rodriguez
Julio Barroso Byron Bustamante
Jorge Valdivia Erick Wiemberg
Carlos Carmona Christian Palacios
Miguel Pinto Leandro Fernandez
Pablo Mouche Tobias Figueroa
Juan Manuel Insaurralde Thomas Galdames
Darius Melo Jens Buss
Branco Provoste Miiko Albornoz

Meet the 2021 team and what Colo Colo was like after playing with 10 players:

Archers: Brayan Cortés (25 years old), Omar Carabalí (23 years old), Julio Fierro (18 years old).

Defense: Matías Zaldivia (30 years), Jeyson Rojas (19 years), Maximiliano Falcón (23 years), Óscar Opazo (30 years), Brayan Véjar (25 years), Ronald De La Fuente (30 years), Felipe Campos (27 years) , David Tati (18 years old), Pedro Navarro (19 years old).

Midfielders: César Fuentes (27 years old), Williams Alarcón (20 years old), Gabriel Suazo (23 years old), Ignacio Jara (24 years old), Leonardo Valencia (29 years old), Bryan Soto (19 years old), Ethan Espinoza (20 years old), Carlo Villanueva (21 years), Vicente Pizarro (18 years), Joan Cruz (17 years).

Attacks: Javier Parraguez (31 years old), Marcos Bolados (24 years old), Gabriel Costa (30 years old), Iván Morales (21 years old), Nicolás Blandi (31 years old), Pablo Solari (19 years old), Luciano Arriagada (18 years old).

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