Piñera highlights economic growth and confirms that Chile could "reach the level of Australia" | National


President Sebastián Piñera participated on Friday at an economic seminar in La Moneda, attended by ministers, academics and international economists. On this occasion, he advocated the leadership of his administration, but admitted that there could be a distribution problem.

The president highlighted macroeconomic data, noting that Chile is coming from a period of "dry cows", so the mission Recovery of lost time and start-up of the economy.

"Many people say that growth is ok, but it will not come. Who buys homes that have allowed record sales in our country. Who buys cars that have enabled sales … ", he said.

That's why he said that there is something deep to look at. "What happens is that the distribution of this growth and development is not right", he is convicted.


Regarding "future challenges", Piñera said that if they take advantage of growth and dynamism capabilities, "We can develop before the end of the next decade, even surpassing and reaching the level that countries today have, such as Australia".

In this case, the head of state confirmed that Chile is on the right track, and underlined that "This year, the Chilean economy will increase by 4%, almost three times more than last year, more than the average of Latin America, more than the world average, and we will be the first in OECD countries. "

He also estimated that the investment will increase by 6% and productivity by 1.8%.

"Those These are motors that do not allow us to predict that we can increase growth potential not only this year and the next, but over a longer period of time and the way to a developed country without poverty, "he said.

In this case, he also advocated tax and labor reforms, projects that would be presented in the coming weeks.

He also underlined the "great national agreements" he called for addressing childhood issues, security, La Araucanía, integral development and health.


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