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Pedro Fernández's attribute, which attracted attention to Talca 2019 – Talca 2019 – 24 hours

The Pedro Fernández attribute, which attracted attention to Talca 2019

In addition, the Mexican has been praised for the good quality of its broadcast at Fiesti de la Independencia. Tvn

10. 10. 1919

This Thursday appeared at Talca's Independence Party Pedro Fernández, who with his performance loved the audience and viewers.

But his praise was not accepted by him, but also certain physical attribute who loved mainly their fans.

It's about it the famous "pompas" of the Mexican, which were stolen all over the clowns of the Claro.

WhatsApp Picture 2019-02-09 at 23.49.14.jpeg

On social networks even hashtag # PedroFernández has become a Trending Topic with both praises for his performance and its physical characteristics.

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