Saturday , July 24 2021

Patients and healthcare professionals will be able to be treated with music by arrangement without precedent

Music activates more areas of the brain than any stimulus and transforms into a unique experience that takes us into a new world of feelings and that also has the power to heal our mind, body and soul. Therefore La Serena Hospital and La Antena Academy of Music have joined forces to build an important alliance in the midst of a pandemic to provide music therapy to patients and healthcare professionals..

Sebastián Miranda is one of the young and talented musicians of the La Antera Philharmonic Orchestra and appreciated this initiative when he stated that “the role that the medical field played at that time is very important and I believe that this is our contribution to we give a hand to see everything they have done so that the workers and patients enjoy it and we do what we like too. I think this will help and will be very profitable. “

This link between the arts and the health world will be realized through a three-year cooperation agreement aimed at benefiting the entire hospital community.

“This is going to be a very special contribution, especially at this time we are living. With the pandemic, our officials have worked too hard and this will be a place to relax while listening to good music that heals the soul. In addition, our patients will be very different if they go to the polyclinic, where there is complete silence or disturbing sounds, to go to the surgery, where they will hear such quality music as at this academy, “said Dr. , Director of the Hospital de La Serena.

Jorge Legua, president of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda Academy of Music, explained that “they are studying all over the world that music can cause structural physical and mental changes. We want to reach people who are in poor health today or are very exhausted from sounds, bells and resonance. The staff has redoubled their efforts to fight the virus that affects us, and from our point of view, which is art and culture, we see the need to make that connection. “

In addition, this alliance will enable Serenense Hospital to strengthen its bond with the community and begin implementing its strategy of connecting with the environment, creating spaces for well-being and conducting a range of cultural events in the new Medical Therapeutic Diagnostic Center. 98% progress, and presents itself as the largest and most modern CDT in the entire country, where more than 660,000 people will receive more decent, timely and quality health care.

Liliana López, a social worker and community ambassador at Hospital de La Serena, said that “this activity is an extremely important milestone for us because we reconnect with the community. Before this pandemic, we usually went to the field and today, after almost a year and a half, we can finally meet again physically and safely, respecting all sanitary measures, which is very important because we start working by connecting with the environment. “

Meanwhile, the horn player of the ensemble Sebastián Miranda added that “this comes at a good point, as the door is already opening for us to return to normal and live concerts will do super good for the band’s workers. Health and patients”.

And that is that music has always been present in history and has been a fundamental element for the development of humanity through rituals, ceremonies, social activities that are very important and in our daily lives. Of course, a medical emergency is no exception.

“This pandemic has marked us all and limited us in our lives and activities. Music is essential, it fills the soul and this bond will allow us to open new doors through art. Music always accompanies us, we will always be able to bring it closer to the hospital and our patients. Music therapy is a door that opens to us today and fills us with hope, as we will be able to make a comprehensive contribution not only to people’s physical health, but also to their mental health, “said López.

Regional talent resonates on La Antena:

The Pedro Aguirre Cerda Academy of Music was founded at the end of 2002 in the La Antena sector in La Serena. Since its inception, it has provided free training to the population, provided music education and placed itself in the position of a very prestigious non-profit organization on the music scene.

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