Pamela Leiva and the signals she overlooked before the break: "He had the keys of my account, everything" TV and shows


Pamela Leiva and Carlos Segura successfully celebrated the wedding in May 2017. However, after the break, the reality of exchica continued to pay for the cost of what it cost.

In the same month, but in 2018, Carlos asked for the separation of Pamela and from there, the comedian must pay 60 meals of 300 thousand pesos, each of them due to the required loan, i.e. Pay a marriage for the next 5 years.

According to Glamor, Pamela was present Good morning, where he remarked that the payment of fees is terrible.

Pamela did not comment on why he has to pay for this and not as a whole, but reflected on how the situation led, indicating that it accepted it as a life experience, something that she had to live, that she saw the signs and ignored them.

In the declaration, Pamela Lagos asked what these are, and Pamela replied: Things about deals, about handling silver, about the things of everyday life. Enter, manage money. He had my keys for my bills, everything. I did not have anything about him. But if he had my keys, my bills, he knew what I got, what I got, what I earned, what I divided into silver. I thought this was normal. And when I go to a psychologist, he says it's not normal..

Later, she told her how she influenced what was happening in her work as a comedian, and stressed that she was forced to joke when the break was still very new and that she felt that people were watching her for which she was hoping and almost crying. he was separated.

About the most difficult he ensured that he was aware he does not know who married.


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