Palestine and Santiago Morning are named in the national profession in order to encourage women to take unparalleled football


Exciting final of the women's national championship this Saturday at the state stadium. Palestinian and Santiago Morning give life an unpublished definition, which also brings the final image to 2018, in which the discipline was highly recognizable by the classification of the red to the World Cup of France 2019.

According to "Baisanas" demolished representatives Colo Colo the semi-finals ended the Albanian's constant dominance in the tournament, winning 13 titles in the 11 years they competed.

When La Cisterna left its female branch in 2014, self-management allowed him to be reborn with more strength to fight in the new finals in which he will seek the second star in its history before the team used to fight in decisive cases, though still unsuccessful.

"Bohemians" were challenged Opening 2014, closing 2014, end 2016 and the recent ending in 2017. Every time they have fallen into Colo Colo, it is the confidence that you are committed to competition once.

The meeting between "Arabs" and "microbusers" will take place on Saturday in Ljubljana 19:00 (22:00 GMT) and you can follow it Virtual Marker and with transmission Outdoors in Cooperative.


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