Osakidetza activates the anti-measles protocol following the discovery of the Bilbao case Society


The person concerned is a 40-year-old person who was admitted to the hospital after returning from a trip to Thailand.

The Directorate of Public Health and Addiction of the Ministry of Health has activated a protocol to detect potential contacts after confirmation example of measles in Bilbao.

A case of person 40 years the age that was admitted to the hospital after returning from Thailand to Thailand, and this is stable, according to Osakidetze today.

From public health, isolation measures were used to prevent new infections, and contact protocols are underway and the necessary measures are being taken with people who have had a relationship with the affected person.

From 2012 and until this year no measles cases were detected in Euskadi, a disease that spreads throughout Europe.

They confirmed this year in total, four cases measles in the Basque Country, one in Gipuzkoi and three in Bizkai (including the latter in Bilbao); all these are imported imported for travel to areas of the epidemic.

Osakidetza has warned that all people who have not stopped the illness or are not properly immunized are susceptible to being contracted if they are not properly vaccinated.

In Euskadi, v measles vaccine is included in the immunization table for children and the first dose of Vario Tiple (measles-mumps-red) is 96.05% and the second dose is 94.7%.


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