Once again in the hands of the TC: The Tribunal recognizes the sources from Chile. We are going against a project that limits the freedoms of the DHHH rapists


From Chile, we appealed to the Constitutional Court, which argued that the draft law on conditional freedoms issued by Congress conveyed "a series of regulations" such as the Rome Pact by defining a series of requirements that "violate the constitutional guarantee of equality before the law "And" is seeking revenge for Punta Peuco prisoners. "TC supported the requirements of the law and quoted a public hearing Wednesday, 19 December.

The Constitutional Court gave a new signal in favor of Chilean Vamos. This time, the company declared admissible demands for unconstitutionality, which pro-government parliamentarians have tabled against the draft Negotiating Act, which in practice raises several demands regarding the provision of these benefits to violators of human rights violations.

The pro-government attack points to this project, which Congress sent last November, and is a stricter rule for granting this benefit. The debate on this project was once again beginning to arise in the controversy that led to the delivery of freedoms to Punta Peuca prisoners in the case of criminal senates of the Supreme Court, which will now have to fulfill two-thirds sentence, ethical cooperation and repentance. .

In Chile, we argued that what was finally approved in the Chamber of Deputies was "ceased with a number of regulations", such as the Rome Pact, "which sets out a series of requirements that are not only unconstitutional but illogical", said the President of the National Reconstruction , Mario Desbordes.

The presentation was supplemented by deputy Juan Antonio Colom (UDI) who insisted on the thesis that "the way in which requests are made for a person who committed certain types of offenses that were committed between 1973 and 1990, violate the constitutional guarantee of equality before the law ". In the meantime, Camila Flores (RN) rightly accused the project of having "a lasting spirit of retaliation for the sector that punishes Punta Peuca for certain offenses".

TC also released the public on Wednesday, 19 December, between 3 pm and 6 pm, claiming that this care "can contribute to the legal resolution of the case in these proceedings, hearing the interested parties who want to explain the standards legally-normative to human rights, constitutional law and criminal law ". The list of replicas will be known on Tuesday, December 18, in what order and how much time.

The decision of the Constitutional Court in this case is added to the type of gesture to the right, such as the recent adoption of a formal request against a regulation governing the refusal of institutional awareness of abortion in three reasons, which give the green light to clinicians privately receive public funds and refuse to carry out these procedures.


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