Observed in obesity


Mr. Director:

With fascination and concern, we noticed in Latin America that Chile has a leading role in obesity and overweight in adults, children and the elderly.

The recent report has set our country a leading role in obesity in what concerns the female population. For these latest data, there may be various genotypic explanations as if the female body had a higher amount of fat and is therefore metabolic less active than humans.

An example of a child who is a subject of obesity is worrying because our future is and we are not succeeding in how we are preparing them in the development of their lifestyle.

With regard to the weight of children, Chile is number one in the OECD in obesity in childhood. As a country, it is estimated that 90% of the population is sedentary, which means that some children play in the street or in parks, that they almost do no physical activity and that physical exercise in schools is insufficient.

To this is added the choice of baby food: most of them are "ultra-processed". While many are "without stamps", they do not have vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that 70% of the source of vitamin D is exposed to the sun? Being outdoors is free, and our children and the elderly have defects between 70 and 90% of this vitamin. This shows that obesity is locked.

We urgently need to create more outdoor development spaces, enjoy the sun (to take care of the skin) and improve food choices to avoid this restriction.

Gonzalo Costa L.
School for Diet and Dietetics
University of Finis Terrae


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